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POD: Potty Time


POD: Potty Time

Before I potty trained both my girls, I remember feeling anxious and overwhelmed. That might sound silly coming from me since I teach potty training for a living ;) Why did I feel this way Because it is overwhelming, and the unknown can feel scary. I am a firm believer in having a plan and prepping children the best we can for new things and transitions. It is also helpful to prep ourselves too.

With that being said, there are signs we want to watch and pay attention to. There is a trend of potty training earlier, and that is fine. However, it is important to meet the child where they are at, and not every kiddo will be ready on the early side. That is also okay. Pushing a child too early with potty training is not a good idea. Toileting skills are very independent skills, and we do not want to push a child too early and have them not be ready and, in turn, not be successful.

Overall, make sure you prep and everyone in the house is ready to commit to the transition of potty training. Get all items set up before day one, and remember to communicate what is happening with your child as well. Deep breath & good luck!

Chelsea has her Bachelors of Art in Psychology from The University of Arizona (Go Wildcats!) and her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from The University of San Diego. She has worked extensively with children, families and couples specifically helping them with parenting skills and/or training. She has worked as a behavior interventionist, parent trainer, therapist providing individual, couple, family and group services and a sleep consultant. Chelsea owns her own company called Building Blocks Family where she provides consultation services on sleep, discipline, and potty training to families with children ages 0-6 years old. BBF was created to provide loving family solutions to families. She helps families to create a safe and predictable world for their children while maintaining healthy and safe practices. Most importantly, she helps them to create a happy environment for both parents and kids to thrive and enjoy! Chelsea enjoys in her free time taking a pilates or spin class, watching bad reality tv, hanging with her girlfriends and spending time with her family. Chelsea is married and has two daughters Harper (8) and Reese (4).

Training diapers are the middle ground between diapers and underpants. They have a similar feel to underwear, and are much easier to pull off and on than a diaper, plus they contain absorbent materials that prevent most leaks. This option is a great choice when it comes time for potty training, as it provides an array of benefits that can simplify the process, and even expedite it (every parent's dream)!

As training diapers are specifically designed to allow the child to pull them down, they help build a sense of pride and autonomy every time the child is able to go to the potty without needing their parent to help them remove a diaper. In addition, the child can independently put on a fresh training diaper, just like they would with underpants.

While standard diapers almost entirely absorb urine, training diapers often allow a bit of the moisture to remain. The (on-purpose) mild discomfort this moisture can cause provides motivation to use the potty instead of soiling the diaper.

Because training diapers are such a gentle transition, they can help you start potty training sooner than you would with underwear. So instead of waiting for your child to have full bladder control, you can ease into potty training as soon as they show an interest in using the toilet. And when your child is ready to use underwear, but has trouble with bladder control when asleep, you can continue using training diapers at night, and during naps.

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