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Buy Food With Venmo


Buy Food With Venmo

While some restaurants may accept e-Wallet payments like Venmo on their app, many do not extend this feature to in-restaurant purchases. So, to be on the safer side, in addition to having a Venmo wallet, you should have a Venmo card, as you can use that to order food anywhere. Keep reading to learn more about restaurants and Venmo.

Venmo is a service of PayPal, Inc., and undoubtedly a very popular e-Wallet with over 80 million active users. So, if you only have some Venmo funds but would love to order food, below are the five popular restaurant apps you can pay for your order with Venmo.

Uber Eats, a division of the famous ride-hailing company, Uber, is a top-rated food delivery service. Introduced in 2014, users can use the Uber Eats app to view, order, and pay for food online with Venmo. The Uber Eats app even allows you to tip when your food is delivered. And if you decide to split or share the Uber Eats bill with friends, you can also do that while paying with Venmo. But note that because Venmo is only available in the US, you can only pay for your Uber Eats orders with Venmo in the US.

GrubHub is another very popular online and mobile prepared food ordering and delivery platform. It is so popular that it has over 30 million users and partners with over 300,000 restaurants. And like Uber Eat, GrubHub announced a few years ago about launching Venmo integration on their platform. As such, you can easily log into your Venmo app and authorize GrubHub charges for your purchase and subsequent charges.

You can pay for your food orders on DoorDash with Venmo but not directly as you would with other food delivery services like Uber Eat. The thing about DoorDash is that it does not yet support Venmo payment as a feature where you can interlink both platforms. Hence, when you want to cash out on the DoorDash platform, you can choose Venmo as a payment method, but you have to pay using your Venmo card.

Alternatively, you can use your Venmo to purchase some DoorDash gift cards and use that as payment for your order. And when you check out with Venmo at DoorDash, you could be rewarded with a cashback bonus, though terms and conditions apply.

Postmates is one of the largest delivery apps partnering with over 600,000 restaurants, grocers, retailers, and more. Postmates is one of those food apps that is strictly cashless. Hence, even if you have cash, you cannot order food at Postmates. However, you can pay for your order from Postmates with several e-wallets, cards, and even gift cards. You can even purchase a Postmates gift card on their website or app with Venmo and use it to pay for your order. So, you can order food with the Postmates app and pay for it with Venmo but not directly.

However, if you have a Venmo card, your option increases exponentially. Hence, having a Venmo card comes in handy in so many ways. And the best part is that you can even use your Venmo card in ATMs to withdraw cash and complete purchases everywhere a debit or credit card is accepted in the US. So, if you do not have a Venmo card yet, apply for one, as the process is pretty straightforward.

Diners purchasing food on Grubhub, Seamless, or Eat24 mobile apps can now pay with their Venmo balance, linked bank account or debit card. Once the order is placed, diners can split the bill with Venmo, making it easier than ever to share the costs of group food orders with friends. This functionality is available to anyone who has the Venmo app installed on their mobile device and will automatically show up in their available payment options at checkout.

About VenmoVenmo, a service of PayPal, Inc., is a leading mobile app in the U.S. used to move money between friends and family and pay at millions of retailers. Venmo makes payment a fun, social experience that eliminates the awkwardness that comes with cash or checks. For more information, visit

Venmo is an accepted payment method on DoorDash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub. Uber Eats and GrubHub als


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