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Arcadia Of My Youth Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download [NEW]

I had this movie on video tape years ago in Japanese with subtitles and I loved it. It's a modern epic. I recently it saw it dubbed in English and the voice acting was some of the worse I've ever heard, plus the wonderful music was mixed so low it was barely there. I will add this to my collection, but only if I can find the original Japanese with subtitles and the original sound mix.

Arcadia of My Youth movie in hindi dubbed download

In 2009, William Winckler Productions produced two all-new English-dubbed movie versions edited from the original series, each running 105 minutes. Producer William Winckler, known for the English version of Tekkaman the Space Knight, wrote, produced and directed these English-dubbed compilations, which are available in Japan only on the Toei Anime BB Premium broadband service.

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