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A Solid Reason To Cheer For Home Depot

When shopping at places like Home Depot should we record the receipts as a Vendor under home depot or would that only be if we say had a Net Terms account with Home Depot and recevied a bill from them?

A solid reason to cheer for Home Depot

For me, especially since todays thermal receipts fade over time (which could make an audit years from now awkward), I scan them and title the scan with, using this case as an example, "home depot 3-17-18", and I store the scan in a folder named for the vendor if I use that source a lot, for occasion purchases I just store the named pdf in the parent receipts folder.

I know how beneficial it is to your business to enter your QBODOCS email address to each job purchase in home depot and the receipt will automatically be emailed to receipts in QuickBooks Online. However, this option is unavailable in QuickBooks Online (QBO). With this said, I'd recommend sending this request straight to our product engineers through feedback. Sharing features and options that you would like implemented is how our engineers look for new product updates. Here's how:

I downloaded my credit card qbo file and it lists all the home depot charges. I then went into my Home Depot Pro Exta Account and downloaded the detailed information with the Quick Books Button in that website that produced a QuickBooks Import/Export File (.iif) file which imported all the data into the "Credit Card Purchases/Charge" section in Quickbooks and at the top for credit card it says "Home Depot-QuickBooks Purchases" and not the bank debit card I have associated. How do I combine these so that payments downloaded from my debit card QBO contain the line item detailed information from this iif file.

Thanks for responding. The trouble is that I cannot added this to the bank feed. Home Depot is not a bank so it doesn't show up in the bank search field. Also, I am not using a home depot credit card. I used my regular bank debit card or my credit card which are all set up in the Bank feeds and download all of the transactions. On the home depot site it has all my transaction and a quick books button to download. That generates an iff file which instantly imported. However, I don't know how to match them to the same bank transactions that are already accepted. These home depot detailed transaction only show up in the "enter credit card charges" section, which I have never previously used.

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