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Love Education (2006) - - Vonnie


Love Education (2006) - - Vonnie

Carole Guio Allen(Jump to Carole's yearbook photo page.Use "back" button to return to this page.)I am so delighted to read about the other classmates, who have written something about their lives. My life, after CHS, took me to San Jose State, where I graduated with a BA in education. Upon graduation was drawn to a job with the Army in Germany and stayed there in program direction for 4 years. Had a wonderful time traveling, and just growing up. Taught school upon my return, in Milpitas. Some of my third graders came to my 50th birthday. It was a treat! I have continued on to get two masters degrees,(M.A.=More of Anything) the best one, in Career Development, where I have actually earned money as a counselor in the higher education and private industry fields. Married once and unfortunately, divorced in 1992. We lived in San Francisco for about 6 years in the Cow Hollow area. I worked at the San Francisco Theological Seminary here in Marin for 9 years until the money ran out for our program. Currently, my Mum (99) lives with me and I am her caregiver. She is very cute. I have a part time job (in Sausalito) so I can spend time with her. My brother, Jack,(class of '59) lives on the big island of Hawaii. He likes to use one of those sticks that hits balls on the grass into a hole. Some refer to it as golfing. As much as I loved the Santa Clara Valley, I love Marin even more. It is so beautiful and so near the water. I love Greenbrae, perhaps because green is my favorite color, but also because it is so convenient to freeway, ferry, etc. Come and visit sometime. 1e1e36bf2d


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