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A flute teacher needs to convey the creativity and freedom and LIBERATION that clean, fast technique gives you. There should always be a musical prize for all those cumunlative hours of chunking scales, longtoning tricky arpeggios, experimenting with airspeeds in overblown harmonics, and all the other bits that go into making a great "technique".It is indeed, NOT all fingers! :>)Alot of it is embouchure poise, fast airspeed and flute stability in the hands.The trick for any intelligent young flutist who needs technique is to start at the simple end (chromatic scales, major/minor scales and arpegg), incorperate it into your daily practice, gradually expand outwards, and be sure and let yourself develop musically EVERY second of your practice.Always break away and improvise, and add passion and spark to what you're doing.Always vary the "voice" you're singing in.Always vary the emotion you're depicting.No one wants to hear a machine in micro-increments like a Swiss watch unless the piece that's being performed is supposed to be mechanical sounding. :>)If you're learning scales, and it sounds wooden and boring, then burst into improvisation and create your own compositions in mid-air with the pattern you're working on.Slow down, enliven, enrichen.That's what it's really all about.Hope this helps, and ask more questions as you get farther ahead inyour practice.Jen At-43-can-finally-have-fun-with-scales :>)--------------P.S. The most FUN reason to learn scales that I've used recently, in order to take a break every 15-20 minutes, is to play J.S. Bach 24 Concert Studies, Cello Suites, and excerpts from Bach Oratorios. 1e1e36bf2d


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